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Alexander Wang: “She hasn’t done a show in New York for over ten years. I’ve been a fan of hers since day 1. I was in high school collecting all her magazine covers. I think that there is an energy about her that really exudes past her physical looks. She just brings so much energy to a room, a picture. When you see her even without saying anything just such a great great model at that. She’s so humble, do down to earth. I love her.”

Carolina Herrera: "We chose Gisele because she is unique. No woman is so beautiful, sophisticated and simple at the same time, like her." - on choosing Gisele for Carolina Herrera 212 fragrance

"Escolhemos Gisele porque ela é única. Não existe mulher tão linda, sofisticada e ao mesmo tempo simples, como ela." - Carolina Herrera

CHANEL: “Modern, independent and positive, she is also a nature lover who has a healthy lifestyle and enjoys the great outdoors. She is at one with herself and perfectly represents the values of this line: natural beauty, simplicity, freedom and a healthy glow.” on choosing Gisele for makeup line Les Beiges.

David Yurman: “She has an inner-life. I hate to use the word sexy, but she’s sensual and fluid and beautiful.”

Dolce & Gabbana: ”There are thousands of models out there who don’t become successful – you need to be beautiful, dynamic and clever. If your brain doesn’t work, you won’t survive. Gisele hasn’t changed over the years: she speaks a lot, she is funny and she is not scared of saying what she thinks.”

Dolce & Gabbana: ”We love her attitude. She’s self-confident, conscious of her beauty, independent. She is what a woman should be.”

Dolce & Gabbana: "Gisele is the only one who can increase the selling of any kind of product.” , GQ Italy September 2007.

Dolce & Gabbana: "She is confident both personally and professionally, and that is something that has never changed as long as we’ve known her. Her self confidence radiates throughout her entire life.”

Dolce & Gabbana: “She was la donna, with a fresh edge. Shes Latina, she’s Brazilian; her blood is full of energy & passion” – Porter Magazine

Dolce & Gabbana: "When I see her I say at the time: 'She is one of the best'. Beautiful body and beautiful mind."

"Quando a vejo eu digo na hora: 'É uma das melhores'. Corpo lindo e mente linda."

Donatella Versace: ”What I love about her is her sensuality and energy. Gisele is one of a kind.”

Donatella Versace: “She is the ideal model for Versace because she makes the clothes come to life the way I want them to look. Sexy and strong.”

Giorgio Armani: “Gisele? Most beautiful. She has the most perfect body in the world.”

John Galliano: ”She’s a goddess. She has the look, the personality, the strength, the sexy side, yet as well as this, she’s so warm, so likeable.”

John Galliano: ”She is even better in the flesh. I think it was her first season in Paris when she came to do a fitting. I had heard about Gisele, but when she walked in the room I felt like my fingers had been put into the electrical socket, like, pwoah! Pure electricity.”

John Galliano: ”She devours the camera. Gisele is very much a part of the creative process and always pushes herself and us to create a strong, sexy icon. She has really helped redefine who the Dior character is and taken it to the next level.”

John Galliano: ”She brought sexy back way before Justin Timberlake.”

Karl Lagerfeld describes his muse Babtiste Giabiconi as the male version of Gisele: “skinny, skinny but with an athletic body — good for clothes and great with no clothes.”

Louis Vuitton: In a press release, Maison Louis Vuitton proclaimed Bündchen as a 'natural choice' for the brand and Fifa, for 'epitomising the Brazilian woman and spreading her country’s colours all over the world'. - Louis Vuitton on choosing Gisele to unveil the 2014 FIFA world cup trophy

Marc Jacobs: “If there is a model that incorporates a strong, secure woman who is unafraid of her sensuality, she is Gisele.”

Marc Jacobs: “Besides being a celebrity, Gisele is a world fashion icon. Her notorious sensuality will give a boost to the new collection which, just like Gisele, is also very sensual.” on choosing Gisele for the label in 2006

Michael Kors: “Gisele is totally illuminated, and it comes from within,” “She is warm-hearted, good-humored, and has a lot of self-esteem.”

Michael Kors: “Gisele is totally illuminated and it comes from within. In a sea of people she lights up the environment not only because she is beautiful, but because she is warm hearted, good humored, and has a lot of self esteem.”

Michael Kors: "Gisele is one of the the most warm-hearted and good humored individuals I know."

Missoni: “What impressed me most in her was not only her beauty, but her personality. Extraordinary. So full of positive energy with a strong will and determination.” Angela Missoni, owner of MISSONI

Nicholas Ghesquiere: “Besides the beauty, her personality is strong, full of life and at the same time supersensitive”.

Riccardo Tisci: The designer Riccardo Tisci spent the afternoon of Friday, November 4, in the studio of photographer Bob Wolfenson, in SÃo Paulo, following a trial that is preparing for ELLE magazine. In an informal conversation with the staff of the magazine, fashion designer, who was shy and very nice, Gisele Bundchen confirmed as poster girl of the 2012 summer campaign of the brand. He said Gisele modeled for the brand in the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week for a symbolic fee – “she did out of friendship” – and that the presence of the top on the catwalk “generated very good results for Givenchy.”

Roberto Cavalli: “We have settled on Gisele again because she is a model and a celebrity and she is very special as well. She interprets clothes better than anyone else. It’s not only a question of beauty but a question of character.” Eva Cavalli wife of designer Roberto Cavalli

Valentino: "Gisele is an unbelievable girl, full of life. I mean, she is our top, top, topmodel. No one is like Gisele because she is unique."

"Gisele é uma garota incrível, cheia de vida. Quero dizer, ela é a nossa top, top, topmodel. Ninguém é como Gisele porque ela é única!" - Valentino


Anna Wintour: “Gisele Bundchen, along with Kate Moss, is a phenomenon. I wish models knew they have to have a personality”.

Anna Wintour: ”Models today, she explained, don’t understand that to be successful you have to have a personality, intelligence, and issues that you support, and Gisele embodies these qualities.”

Anna Wintour: ”Gisele on her own has managed to revive the concept of “Supermodel".

Anna Wintour: “The key to her success, I think , is that she was and she has always been mainly Gisele. a happy Brazilian woman, physically vibrant, with long hair, sparkling eyes, freckles and a nose, totally her own nose. Her body continues to be athletic and with curvy lines (by the fashion standards) but the most important thing is that her personality is always winning.”

Anna Wintour:"Gisele Bundchen is a bit of a jock. 1 of my fave shoots is her playing football"

”She’s one of those models who can do anything. Her exuberance, her sexiness. She puts the work in and she’ll wait for the right shot, sometimes for hours and hours.” – Lee Swillingham, creative director of LOVE

“Gisele has managed to achieve a certain distinction. She is kind and nice to people. She never became a diva. She is one of the most empathetic celebrities toward the public.” Wagner Lungov, Nivea’s business director

“Her sexy look is what makes her different from others.” Michael Roberts fashion and style director of Vanity Fair

“She is a wonderful woman both inside and outside. Gisele with her optimism and her way of being so cheerful is a true hymn to life.” Fabio Crovi director of MUSE magazine

"When she was just starting out, Gisele kept a diary with notes on all of her expenses, day by day. She was totally focused, from the start. -Vogue Brazil’s longtime fashion director, Giovanni Frasson

“It’s fairly unheard of for anyone to hold down a commercial underwear campaign as well as Dior, the acme of luxury fashion,” says Penny Martin, professor of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion. How has Bündchen managed to retain her credibility? “She has always used her intelligence.” When you are intelligently selective, you can manage your career in a way that keeps your profile up and on the highest level." British Vogue’s fashion director, Lucinda Chambers

“The [models] that are coming up, their model for excellence is Gisele. They’re looking at her and saying ‘that’s what I want to shoot for.” chief marketing officer of Limited Brands, Ed Razek
“Gisele Bündchen is clearly in a class by herself, and has been for a number of years. says Edward Razek, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands ( LTD – news – people ), who worked with the supermodel during her Victoria’s Secret career. “She’s an international icon who can also move product–from shampoo to couture.”


Elaine Constantine: ”Gisele is 100 per cent photogenic. It sounds shallow, but it’s in the way that her face and body are put together, they work every time.”

Greg Kadel: “She’s Gisele. She gets the picture in fewer takes than any other model I’ve ever worked with. She knows her angles, she knows her light. She’s sort of the boss and everyone respects that. She gets involved.”

Inez & Vinoodh: “You have a really varied crew of favorites ”Daria, Tasha, Guinevere, Kate Moss, among others. What do you respond to in all these different girls? IVL: Its all about personality. For instance, we love working with Raquel [Zimmermann] because shes someone that doesnt necessarily care whether shes beautiful in a picture. She has this incredible amount of trust and shes ready to be anything, because shes interested in the process of creating an image. VM: Gisele is the same.” Style.com
Inez & Vinoodh: “She’s a very loving and warm person”. Porter Magazine

Mario Testino: “I was mesmerized by her” (on first time meeting Gisele)and is cited saying Gisele is “hardworking and energetic”. People Magazine
Mario Testino: “Today she is one of the best in the world not only because the beauty of her body, but also because she is a lovely person to be around.”
Mario Testino: “Her personality really won me over,” “She’s filled with life.”
Mario Testino: “I see many beautiful girls in the world of fashion but few of them have the absolute beauty of Gisele. She is perfect. She has a perfect tushy,perfect hair,waistline…even the fingers are beautiful.”
Nick Knight: ”Where some models take the money [for commercial, rather than editorial, work] and are then embarrassed to enter into it, when she’s decided to do the campaign, she’s 100 per cent behind it. If they ask her to say ‘This is the best lipstick in the world’, she does. It’s slightly tongue in cheek, but you get swept along with her enthusiasm.”
Nick Knight: “She is extremely intelligent,professional and determined. Gisele knows how to show the best in each item of clothing, and this is what makes her different from other models.”

Peter Lindbergh: ”The great thing about her is that she grew up from the “supermodel Gisele” into this responsible, amazing woman with an extraordinary and positive energy, ready to help anyone who needs it.” Harper's Bazaar April 2009
Peter Lindbergh: "She is friendly to everyone (down to the last production assistant), raids the cookie plate herself, and chats nonstop. She manages to keep it real despite the maelstrom of press reports chronicling her life."

Steven Meisel: “I love her energy,joy of life and positivity.”

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